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17 September 2012 @ 08:11 pm

This is how i bid farewell to A Cup of Graphics and much of my work that was presented here.

As i am closing down my main account and moving my life somewhere else i thought that this community should also be kept out in the vault of my past. Not that i will forget most of the happy memories i lived here, or the amazing people i met and that were avidly followers, i just need a fresh start and that's exactly what i am doing.

Sorry that i won't give more information but you will eventually find me, my style is my style and those of you who know me well will eventually recognize my possible new graphics.

Thank you all so much for some of the most amazing times i lived in this community and all the others i belonged to, you were simply amazing.

Thank you,much love.
Joana Cardoso

P.S.:I think i will PM some people with my possible new place,if you are interested please let me know.

29 May 2012 @ 03:07 pm


I don't know for how long,i just know i can't be around right now, there is too much going on in my real life and i can't keep giving more from myself that what my mind and body allows me.

I am not sure when or if i will back but if i ever come i don't want to think i asted all my LJ things for nothing,so i leave it here,but don't expect to see much from me,or hear from me,at least around.
Those who know where to find me can gladly come around and talk to me if they need anything. If you PM me i will do my best to answer when i see it, but don't expect any entries, no replies to any of your entries, i just can't, not right now.

Thank you all so much for all the best and greatest things you gave me,it meant the world to me.

13 April 2012 @ 08:23 pm

My,oh my,i am so sorry.This was meant to be posted a good while back, somewhere in the start of last week, but then i went to Madrid and when i came back life did not gave a single free minute to come around, still here i am now and ready to share this set,and an older one. Also let's see how it goes through the next days, i will be trying to make a few things to post more often. I am doing my best here!!
Feedback is alwayssss welcome and i appreciate it a lot,loves!

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Take care!
Much love,
Jo. ♥
26 March 2012 @ 12:36 pm

I don't think i have much more to add to what i said in the previous post,other then a big thank you to all of the lovely people who commented and did their best to cheer me up and kick me right back in place, i appreciate it more then you can imagine,for real.
Today i bring you a texture set,yes,because i actually did textures and i will bring you this set today and maybe another one tomorrow or in a couple days.Not sure what's the right timing to spill the goods,but guess i have to get my hands down to work.
Also i will be posting a preview of a bunch of texture i didn't share from a few months back and if anyone show the slight interest in it i can pull them together and share those too,even if they are sort of old and out of fashion.Lol.
Hope you like it and i am always looking forward to hear your thoughts on it!!

Download and Unshared TexturesCollapse )

Would you be interested in any kind of larger textures? I made a set a few months back and for some reason i just noticed it was downloaded nearly 800 times, thanks to Tumblr mostly because i don't know why but that set is still running through the blogs in there. So,if you want i can try to pull something off my hat!

Take care!
Much love,
Jo. ♥
25 March 2012 @ 03:14 pm

Guess i am kind of coming back, for the 2nd or 3rd time this year. I am not sure where i stand right yet on the graphic world, still trying to find out and honestly i highly felt like giving up, but i guess i am holding to my last shoot on this one and see where it goes. I have been a maker since 2003 and somethings in the way up to now quite sucked, some where good,i made incredible good friends, but i have also went through hell and back just because of graphics, i heard things i did not like, i was humiliated, said things that no-one would like to hear, amoung many other things, but as in everything in life i did my best to keep my head up, because i am a highly proud person and i don't give up easily. I guess i am like a kid at some points, if you say i can't do something, then i will even run to do it faster, so you see how it goes.
I will try it one more time and give this until 2013, i am being honest here, upfront and open to all of you. Sometimes i feel like i create things that no-one have interest on, it doesn't feel good but i understand most makers feel the same way, so let's be one for the others, let's discuss things through and make each other better, or at least give it a all a really good try.

Talking about this batch. It's made of 30 icons, quite crazy,i must admit, but i have been trying things that are out of th box for me, different, daring and i am not sure if i did it all right, but i like some of the icons, others are quite compared to trash but let's post them all, because usually what i don't like it's what others like the most, so i am combining both.
I need to work on more fandoms, honestly, so, where do you guys find like HQ caps? It's easy to find low quality stuff if you look around Google, but HQ comes harder and any type,if you are willing to share would be more than welcome!

Thanks a lot, for those who are still out there watching the community,i am a mess and i barely show up, but i still appreciate and love each one of you who stick up with me and the graphics!

Now,into the icons!

01-04: Sherlock (BBC)
05: Moulin Rouge
06-13: Once Upon a Time
14-35: The Vampire Diaries


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Take care!
Much love,
Jo. ♥
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06 February 2012 @ 07:27 pm

Well,here comes a rather small batch of icons,12 in total to be more exact.I was not quite sure if either to post them or not for various reasons. For once i am not really sure if i am happy or not with them,it has been way over a month since i last started with a 100x100 pixels blank canvas, and honestly it feels like an eternity. Secondly, i am not sure where i am going as a graphic maker,i am in this bad place right now when it comes to it and the decision that can come out of my mind will either keep me working and trying to once again suceed or will once and for all keep me away from the graphic world, this last decision would culminate with me closing up the comunnity and stop making any kind of graphics,from those you have known so far.
I am not sure where i am going or what will happen next,but i am trying,still i would like some feedback,actually i need it because feeling like i am creating things that does not interest anyone is not a really good feeling and is one of the reasons that makes me believe that i should keep myself away from graphic making, but as i said,i am not in the best emotional place when it comes to my work right now.
Still,i hope you enjoy the icons and i hope to hear from you,and please spam me away in the previous post!

01-03: Doctor Who
04-06: Downton Abbey
07-11: Game of Thrones
12: The Vampire Diaries

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Take care!

Way over a month without showing up, but real life,college and family has been keeping me way over busy, not in a bad way, thankfully, but i could not come around and pay attention to the community and i started neglecting my presence and my work as a graphics' maker, however i am trying to make a slow come back. Slow as in,i am now in vacations,still very busy but with the second semester just around the corner i know i'll have to once again dive into the daily doses of too much work and little to no time at all, in this way i will make no promises and will just say that i will do my best and try to update every so often, something i have not done so far.

Anyway,a post to cheer you all up,or not,but at last i can try!

A Non-Requestable Request Post, a fancy name for something that could be called a Spam Me Post because this is not a Request Post filled with pretty rules and what not and i am certainly not promising to make icons to everyone and to use every single image i get, much less i am restraining the requests to 5,10 or 15 people. It's all in all,as i said, a Spam Me Post.
Of course i am bringing along a couple rules because i am a organizational freak and i like things in a neat way and i have some "demands",so please fullfill my wishes and i will do my best to play the gennie in the bottle for you.

In this way my rules are:

-You can spam me with lovely (and with a preference for HD stuff) screencaps and photos from the following tv shows:
The Vampire Diaries,Supernatural,Pretty Little Liars,Sherlock,How I met Your Mother,Once Upon A Time,Game of Thrones,True Blood,Doctor Who,Misfits,Chuck,Bones,Criminal Minds,CSI is fine too,Glee,Downton Abbey,The Big Bang Theory,FRIENDS...if you know i like something and i am forgetting please just post,you never know how much love i will give to you.
Ok,you know what just give me the juices,anything goes,forget the rules.Give me hot stuff,guys that i can drool for,stunning girls,even stock,anything goes!!!

Much love!!Have fun!!!